eBay Australia ban Arbitrage and Fufilment by Amazon

eBay have taken the drastic step in Australia to ban fulfilment by third party retailers specifically citing Amazon as a company that they don’t want fulfilling Amazon parcels.

The terms in this article are a bit confusing. What they (eBay) are really driving at is stopping DropShipping as opposed to RA/OA, but if you are a multi-channel retailer and using Amazon Logistics to help fulfil your eBay orders, you will have to get another 3PL just for your eBay orders. This is a bit short slighted of eBay Au.. I can see the issue of eBay orders arriving in Amz packaing being confusing for the customers...but this is has been happening for years in the UK/US without any major issues...

Full Article via TameBay

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